World population
Current population
Life expectancy 72.6
Median age 33.0
Births this year 140,407,874
Births today 384,679

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Population 1320038716
Yearly change 32,118,198 (2.5%)
Median age 24.0
Population 658305557
Yearly change 6,293,556 (1.0%)
Median age 32.9
Population 366496802
Yearly change 2,652,312 (0.7%)
Median age 39.5
Population 743102600
Yearly change 454,590 (0.1%)
Median age 42.3
Population 41826176
Yearly change 564,964 (1.4%)
Median age 35.6
Population 4584807072
Yearly change 39,673,978 (0.9%)
Median age 33.6